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Hippopotamus x Chocomoo


This collaboration with artist Chocomoo revolved around the theme of "gifts", where her unique and creative graphics take centre stage in many of our products.

You can find her illustrations on our Chief Towels and their boxes, as well as on boxes for our new towel Teddy Bears.

Limited edition black Teddy Bears are also available in our Ebisu Mitsukoshi Official Store to celebrate this collaboration.

A special in-store live art event also took place to mark this occasion on December 8th, 2018.

The crowds enjoyed the captivating performance as artist Chocomoo drew her signature pop art creations one after another.

《 Chocomoo's Profile 》

An illustrator from Kyoto whose style consists of creative pop designs in monotone colours. She collaborates with a wide variety of apparel brands both within Japan and abroad to produce artistic and fun merchandise. You can also find her artworks on display in galleries and art shows worldwide.

《 Message from the artist Chocomoo 》

The theme for this collaboration was "gifts", therefore I incorporated the feelings of joy and anticipation we feel when we give special presents to the people we love into the designs. This design consists of the brand's iconic hippo mascot taking a stroll while wishing that the gift will bring you joy.