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Terms of Use

Members who use this Service will be deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions outlined in this Agreement.

Section 1 General Provisions

Article 1 Agreement Scope and Changes

The Terms and Conditions outlined in this Agreement shall apply to the Company and its Members (as defined in Article 3) regarding the Service. Members will be notified of any changes made to this Agreement in a manner deemed appropriate by the Company without obtaining prior consent from them.

Article 2 Terms of Use

Members shall use the services in accordance with this Agreement and any other rules set forth by the Company. The Company can change the details of its Service without obtaining prior consent from its Members.

Section 2 Membership

Article 3 Members

A Member is a person who has read and accepted all of Terms and Conditions contained within this Agreement.

Article 4 Membership Registration

Those who wish to become a Member shall apply for membership through the registration page of this Service. The Company shall approve membership applications received from applicants by sending a registration confirmation email in response. The Company has the right to deny membership if the applicant is found to fall under any of the following cases:

  • The applicant is a former Member whose membership was terminated due to violation of the Terms and Conditions contained within this Agreement.
  • The application contains false or fraudulent information.
  • The application or applicant is found inappropriate for membership registration due to reasons other than those stated above.

Member registration is limited to persons who have a valid address within Japan. Please note that Members are responsible for guaranteeing that they are either over the age of 18 years at the time of application or are under 18 years and have obtained the permission of their parent or legal guardian.

Article 5 Update and Withdrawal Notifications

Members shall promptly notify us of any changes to their personal informations (which include addresses, names, phone numbers, credit card numbers, etc) If Members wish to withdraw their membership, they can do so at any time by logging in, selecting the "Registration Information"and following the appropriate procedures. Members will not be exempted from obligations outlined in this Agreement, such as payment obligations and services previously rendered.

Article 6 Membership Suspensions and Cancellations

The Company reserves the right to suspend services or cancel memberships without notice for Members who fall under any of the following categories:

  • Members found to have received membership cancellation in the past due to violations to one or more conditions in this Agreement.
  • Members who, through the use of this Service, have made purchases for which they have delayed or failed to make full payments for, or any other type of failure to fulfill membership obligations.
  • Members who perform any act deemed prohibited in Article 10 (Prohibited Matters).
  • Members who violate any terms outlined in this Agreement.
  • Members who have committed acts other than the those outline above that this Company deems inappropriate.

Article 7 User ID and Password Management

Each Member is responsible for managing their own email addresses and passwords. Members must not transfer, loan or otherwise disclose their user ID and password to a third party. Members are responsible for any and all damages caused by inadequate management, errors in use, third-party usage, etc. of their user IDs and passwords and the Company will not be held liable in any way. Each Member must immediately contact the Company in cases where the Member's user ID and password are found to have been wrongfully used by a third party.

Article 8 Personal Information

Information registered into the website (such as addresses, names, phone numbers, etc) will be stored as personal informations in a dedicated database. Registered data will be treated as personal information, and will be subject to the terms of management outlined below. Please note that the Company cannot provide this Service to those who do not agree to the terms outlined in this Agreement.

  • Purpose for the Use of Personal Information
    • Management of Members
    • Shipment of goods
    • Customer Support
    • Publishing email magazines
    • Advertising products, distribution of promotional materials, soliciting sales
    • Campaign planning and conducting questionnaires
    • Provision of content related to this Service other that those stated above
  • Entrustment of Personal Information to Third Parties

    The provision of this Service and its website to customers must follow the purposes stated above (1. Purpose for the Use of Personal Information), which may require the Company to entrust part or all of the handling of personal information to affiliated companies. In this case, the Company will only select and enstrust contractors that satisfy sufficient personal information protection standards and have signed a contract that enforces these personal information practices.

  • Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties Located Overseas

    The Company may provide personal information to third parties located in foreign countries when entrusting personal information to affiliated companies as stated in entry 2 or when using personal information to accomplish objectives as stated in entry 1.

  • Disclosure of Personal Information

    The Company will respond honestly and in accordance with all laws and regulations whenever there is a request for personal information -- whether it be details about the purpose, disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use, removal from use, or suspension of entrustment to a third party. The procedure to address complaints, consultation, disclosure, details, etc. regarding personal information requires an official document verifying the identity of the rights holder or agent. Please note that the party that applies for notification regarding their personal information will bear the processing fees prescribed by this Company.

  • Cookie Policy

    The website uses a web technology called Cookies. A Cookie is a mechanism that stores temporary data in the user's transmission device and serves to identify the user based on that data every time a connection is made. This Service requires the use of Cookies in order to be fully functional. If a user opts out of using Cookies, that user may not be able to receive a subset of the Company's services. Updates to the Cookie Policy settings can be made in the user's browser. Users are urged to set the appropriate settings that best fit their uses.

Section 3 Terms of Service

Article 9 Scope of Service

Members shall be able to use the various services.

Article 10 Prohibited Matters

Members are prohibited from engaging in the following acts:

  • Applying for this Service using false or fraudulent registration details.
  • Any act that hinders or has the potential to cause hindrance to the operation of this Service.
  • The use of unauthorized credit cards.
  • The unauthorized use of a Member's user ID or password.
  • Any act that causes or has the potential to cause damage, inconvenience or disadvantage to other Members, third parties or this Company.
  • Any act that violates or has the potential to violate public order, moral standards, laws, or ordinances.
  • Any act that seeks to use this Service for commercial gain.
  • Any act that involves sending advertisements, promotional materials, or solicitations by email to other Members without their consent; any act that interferes with or has the potential to hinder the ability of other Members to receive emails; or any act that performs or requests chain email forwarding.
  • Any act that accesses or attempts to access equipment owned by other Members or without authorization; or any act that interferes or has the potential to interfere with the use or operation of those equipments.
  • Any reproduction or distribution of contents owned by the Company, including information contained in emails, websites, etc.
  • Any act other than those stated above that the Company deems inappropriate.

Violation of any of the entries enumerated in the list above is not ony a violation of user etiquette, but can also be a violation of criminal law, laws concerning illegal web access, trademark law, copyright law, civil law, commercial law, and other laws and regulations, in which case the offender will be held legally responsible and liable for all damages.

Article 11 Copyright

Members may not use any information provided by this Service without obtaining permission from the rights holder for any purpose other than those detailed in the Private Reproduction Copyright Act. In the event a Member violates the provision stated above, the Member will be responsible for resolving any problems and damages incurred, as well as covering all costs required for resolution, and must not cause any inconvenience or damages to this Company.

Section 4 Product Purchases

Article 12 Purchase of Products

Members can use this Service to purchase products from this Company. A Member can choose to purchase a product by applying to use this Service or purchase a product according to methods specified by this Company. The Company will send a confirmation e-mail to a Member in response to an application for service or purchase as stated above, at which point a sales contract is established between this Company and the Member. Delivery of products using this Service is limited to Japan.

Article 13 Contract Cancellation Policy

The Company reserves the right to cancel contracts when the following cases are applicable:

  • When a Member is found to be in violation of this Agreement.
  • When the member-designated credit card company reports to this Company that the member-designated credit card cannot be used.
  • When the Company finds that the Member's ability to pay has been compromised.
  • When a product is sold out, or when it cannot be easily delivered to the specified address.
  • When a delivery cannot be made due to unknown delivery addresses or prolonged absenses.

In addition to the provisions outlined above, any fraudulent or inappropriate behaviour exhibited by Members during the use of this Service will be grounds for sales contract cancellation and other appropriate measures by the Company.

Article 14 Payment Methods

The purchase price of products are a total sum of the consumption tax, shipping fee, and Collect On Delivery fee (in cases where the Collect On Delivery payment method is used). Payment for products purchased through this Service must be paid for by a credit card registered in the name of the Member, or via another payment method approved by the Company. For payments made by credit card, the Member must comply with the Terms and Conditions detailed in contracts made between the Member and their credit card company. In addition, the Member must accept that there exists a risk of credit card number leakage during transmission inherent to the credit card payment process and that Members who use the credit card payment method do so at their own risk. Any disputes that arise between a Member and their credit card company must be settled between the two respective parties, and this Company will not be held liable in any way.

Article 15 Return Policy

No return or exchange of merchandise is allowed except in cases of damage to products during delivery, merchandise defects, and misdelivery.

Section 5 Service Operations

Article 16 Data Management

The Company reserves the right to use comments or information, with full knowledge that any information they provide can be freely used by the Company, it also reserves the right to delete these comments and information without prior notice to the Member if any of the following conditions apply:

  • The Company deems that the information provided by the Member infringes on copyright or other rights of the Company or of third parties or that the information is potentially damaging to the reputation or trust of this Company or of third parties.
  • The Company receives a notice or warning from third parties stating that the information infringes on copyright or other rights of third parties, or that the information is proven to be damaging to the reputation or trust of third parties.
  • The Company finds the information to be in violation of Japanese or applicable foreign laws.
  • If an order or instruction from government agencies for deletion has been received by the Company.

Article 17 Service Maintenance

In order to keep its Service optimally operational, the Company reserves the right to suspend all or partially its Service to all Members without prior notification if any of the following conditions apply:

  • The system requires regular or emergency maintenance.
  • The system experiences operational difficulties or failure due to fire, power outages, obstruction by third parties, etc.
  • The system must be suspended due to reasons other than those stated above that the Company deems appropriate.

Article 18 Disclaimers

Thie Company is deemed to have fulfilled its obligations in cases where it's obligated to notify a Member by sending an email notification to an email addressed specified in advance by the Member or in cases where the Company is obligated to deliver products purchased by a Member, by delivering the products to the delivery address specified at the time of purchase. The Company will not be liable for damages, losses, disadvantages, etc. other than those set forth in earlier Articles regardless of legally determined causes in relation to purchased products or other uses of this Service. The Company will not be liable for any damages resulting from the Member's inability to use this Service. The Company will likewise be exempted from liability when operating according to the contents set within the Member's registration details. In cases where a Member causes damage to other Members or third parties by using this Service, the Member is held liable for resolution at their own expense, and must not inconvenience the Company in any way. When a Member wishes to make changes to their personal information such as passwords, the Company will verify the identity of the Member in a manner that is specified by this Company, and in doing so will be exempted from liability. Costs incurred by the Member in relation to the installation of computer and communication equipment, telephone charges, LAN usage fees, application fees, etc. required to use this Service is solely under the responsibility of the Member and must be paid for solely by the Member. Members are required to use any of the latest versions of Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome in order to use this Service. The Company will not be liable nor accept any inquiries relating to problems regarding the incorrect display of its website arising from using a browser other than those mentioned above.