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Let us invite you to a brand-new
experience with our towels,

providing beauty,
tenderness, harmony and protection.


【HIPPOPOTAMUS | ヒポポタマス】BRAND STORY | ブランドストーリー

The non-negotiable quality of our towels, born of self-examination, is gentle on the earth and your body.

The special coloring isn't the only thing we are proud of regarding our Hippopotamus products. Water absorbency, softness, exquisite colors, texture, fast-drying - we never compromise to pursue quality in all aspects. Our products are perfected through a process of carefully selecting materials, and making sure we put in the required time and effort. By interweaving organic cotton and environment-friendly recycled bamboo fibers, we have achieved a complex striking colors and textures that leave your skin with a refreshing and gentle feeling.
We also incorporate a washing process that lasts more than 5 hours to make sure that our towels are safe for babies and resistant to discoloration. For the washing process, we use the soft underground water from the highest mountain in western Japan, Mt. Ishizuchi, which gives the towels a soft texture. The wastewater is treated via the biological wastewater process before being released into the environment. Our towels are friendly to human and environment while maintaining our bold and beautiful colors.
【HIPPOPOTAMUS | ヒポポタマス】自問自答から生まれたゆずれないタオルは地球にも身体にもやさしい

Top-level certified
safe materials

To ensure the safety and quality of our products, our fabrics have been certified by Oeko-Tex®Standard 100 as Product Class 1, the highest standard, to provide an additional layer of assurance. The organic cotton we use is made from yarns certified to international organic fiber standards, not only in the cotton fields, but also in the spinning mills. Since our products are made of completely safe materials, they make a great gift for families with babies, or people with sensitive skin.
STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is one of the world's best- known labels for textiles tested for more than 350 harmful substances. It stands for customer confidence and high product safety. (Certification number: N-KEN17010)
【HIPPOPOTAMUS | ヒポポタマス】トップレベルの認証を受けた安心素材