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BATH MAT M|バスマット M

6 Color


¥8,140(tax included)
We use a thicker weave to increase the fabric density and interweave bamboo rayon into our bath mats. Toray "Soutake" bamboo fiber imparts a gentle...

3 Color

Organic Cotton & Bamboo Bathrobe

¥35,200(tax included)
ABOUT PRODUCTS Earth and body friendly materials Care Guide Certification Size:unisex (cm) M L Length (back) 111.0 134.0 Body Circumference 124.0 134.0 Sleeve length 72.0...

HAMAM Hand & Body Shampoo

¥5,170(tax included)
ABOUT PRODUCTS component How to use Aroma Contents: 380ml Hand and body soap with special ingredients and fragrance The fragrance, inspired by the hammam, a...

HAMAM Massage Oil

¥7,920(tax included)
ABOUT PRODUCTS component How to use Aroma Contents: 100ml Delivered in a cosmetic box. Blend of 8 different types of oils with different ingredients. As...

HAMAM Hand & Body Cream

¥4,950(tax included)
ABOUT PRODUCTS component Aroma Contents: 100g Light-textured hand and body cream The light texture with a good balance of shea butter and essential oils makes...

HAMAM Fabric Aroma

¥6,820(tax included)
ABOUT PRODUCTS component How to use Aroma Contents: 120ml The product will be delivered in a cosmetic box. A soothing hammam fragrance that can be...

11 Color

Organic Cotton & Bamboo Regular bath towel

¥9,900(tax included)
International size (larger than standard). With a blend of organic cotton for superb water absorption and bamboo rayon for antibacterial properties, our bath towels are...

6 Color

Organic cotton & bamboo Mini bath towel

¥8,470(tax included)
A colourful striped mini bath towel that, despite it's simplicity, can act as an impactful statement piece. These towels use two vibrant and three dimensional...