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Our Special Color Palette Comes
from All Around The World.

We travel to find unique colors across the world. Colors that can't be found in our traditional painting kit. The color of the summer night sky, trees growing in the Amazon, a magical seabed of hidden treasures, a cat curled up sleeping, or flowers full of life. To find new colors, Hippopotamus goes on another journey today.


【HIPPOPOTAMUS | ヒポポタマス】COLOR STORY | カラーストーリー

Our Identity Is The Colors of
The Moment Around The World.

Hippopotamus adventure first started in search of original colors that weren't found on the market. Our intention was to recreate beautiful colors scattered around the world on a canvas that is our towels. Our first color was of the night sky of "The Starry Night" by Vincent van Gogh. To create the deep blue oil paint shade that appears almost three dimensional on the canvas, we decided to interweave organic cotton and bamboo rayon. By using two types of fibers with different levels of concentrations at which each fiber is dyed, we achieved the perfect delicate color with depth.
Darker color dyes contain many heavy metal particles. In order to eliminate them, thorough washing is required. At Hippopotamus, all of our towel products go through a 5- hour washing process to ensure product safety.