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Let's Go On A Colourful Adventure.

BABY COLLECTION|ベビーコレクション【HIPPOPOTAMUS|ヒポポタマス】今治 オーガニックタオル
BABY COLLECTION|ベビーコレクション【HIPPOPOTAMUS|ヒポポタマス】今治 オーガニックタオル

New landscapes always
show us new colors.

Let’s go on an adventure at the sunrise.
We go through the woods, cross the bridge,
and finally reach the harbor.

“Welcome to the colorful world.”

The big hippopotamus is the lighthouse keeper
who lights up the sea.
Hop on the hippopotamus and start our journey.

Brand new white cotton clouds
and honey-colored migratory birds.
A garden overflowing with flowers.
Ask the cat which way to go.
Fall asleep under a starry night.

Open the map in your dream.
A new adventure will be waiting for you tomorrow.


A balanced towel

BABY COLLECTION|ベビーコレクション【HIPPOPOTAMUS|ヒポポタマス】今治 オーガニックタオル

The pursuit of creating
a “balanced towel” was
at the origin the Hippopotamus brand.
Balance means,
absorbency, softness, color,
touch and quick drying.

BABY COLLECTION|ベビーコレクション【HIPPOPOTAMUS|ヒポポタマス】今治 オーガニックタオル


All hippopotamus products are made with fabrics, approved by world class safety certification oekotex standard 100 class 1. *certificate number N-KEN17010
Also, the organic cotton that we use not only respects the international organic standards on the cotton field but in the spinning plant as well.

BABY COLLECTION|ベビーコレクション【HIPPOPOTAMUS|ヒポポタマス】今治 オーガニックタオル

Unique colors

From the beginning, there was a strong will to dye colors that were never made before, by the existing towel manufacturers. Our first inspiration came from Vincent Van Gogh’s [The starry night]. In order to express that deep night sky painted in oil, we came up with the idea to interweave, organic cotton and bamboo rayon. The difference of concentration between the two yarns when dyed, gives a three-dimensional effect to the fabric.

BABY COLLECTION|ベビーコレクション【HIPPOPOTAMUS|ヒポポタマス】今治 オーガニックタオル

The secret of softness

Hippopotamus unique deep colors, guarantee safety for health and the environment. In our manufacture, the dyeing includes a 5 hours washing process, using mount Ishizuchi’s underground water. Washing the fabric with this soft water removes the dye and soften the texture of the towel. Finally, purification of the drainage is made by bacteria wastewater treatment in our facilities, the clean water is released back to nature.


How to Care For Your Towels. Your towels become softer and friendlier over time.

BABY COLLECTION|ベビーコレクション【HIPPOPOTAMUS|ヒポポタマス】今治 オーガニックタオル

First wash

In order not to reduce the high absorbency of the textile, there is no starching in our manufacturing process. Please be aware that some fluff might drop during the first wash, therefore, we recommend to wash the towels separately.

BABY COLLECTION|ベビーコレクション【HIPPOPOTAMUS|ヒポポタマス】今治 オーガニックタオル


Use abundant water for a proper wash. We recommend that you set the water level higher than usual on your washing machine.
(especially for drum types)

BABY COLLECTION|ベビーコレクション【HIPPOPOTAMUS|ヒポポタマス】今治 オーガニックタオル

How to dry

Take out the towels from your washing machine, wave them vigorously 5 times in order to stand up the piles. Natural dry is recommended but you can use your dryer for a softer finish.

BABY COLLECTION|ベビーコレクション【HIPPOPOTAMUS|ヒポポタマス】今治 オーガニックタオル

Elongating piles

If you find any elongating piles on the surface of the fabric, please use your scissors and carefully cut them from the root.

A special moment to wrap yourself in a fluffy towel.

Hippopotamus was born with the desire
to make the best towels
for all members of the family, including the newest.

With carefully selected materials that are safe for babies,
and commitment to quality manufacturing methods,
that include a washing process using natural spring water,
we have achieved high-grade quality
while maintaining vibrant colors.

Towels carefully manufactured
one by one without any compromise.
That is Hippopotamus.