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FIT PILLOW|フィットピロー(枕) 【HIPPOPOTAMUS|ヒポポタマス】今治 オーガニックタオル

A superbly comfortable FIT PILLOW produced by a collaboration effort between HIPPOPOTAMUS
and "Minka", a lifestyle store based in Niigata.

FIT PILLOW|フィットピロー(枕) 【HIPPOPOTAMUS|ヒポポタマス】今治 オーガニックタオル

FIT PILLOW|フィットピロー

We have combined the form-fitting U-shaped pillows designed by the esteemed "Kanazawaya" store, a 180-year old establishment dedicated to sleep products since the Edo period, with our signature soft towel fabric covers to create a truly luxurious pillow.

This pillow is wide enough to support your head in all different positions and has rounded corners to fit your shoulders for better posture support and to promote muscle relaxation.
We use latex, a natural rubber derived from tree resin, and cotton to create the filling material that is both soft and satisfyingly bouncy. The amount of filling these pillows are adjustable, so you can create a pillow with the right amount of support to maintain your perfect sleeping posture.

The towel pillow covers are made with an organic cotton and bamboo rayon blend to create a soft fabric that is also water absorbent. Our FIT PILLOWS will keep you comfortable and dry as you sleep through the night.
Enjoy them in a variety of unique and vibrant HIPPOPOTAMUS colours.

Try the U-shaped FIT PILLOW and experience the difference in your sleep quality today.