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SLEEP WEAR|スリープウェア(パジャマ)【HIPPOPOTAMUS|ヒポポタマス】 SLEEP WEAR|スリープウェア(パジャマ)【HIPPOPOTAMUS|ヒポポタマス】


Sleep is the core of life.
That's what makes sleepwear that supports your sleep essential.
We don't want to neglect sleepwear by saying “I don't need special pajamas because all I have to do is lie down”. we want to wear something more comfortable and comforting.
Hippopotamus' first sleepwear has been created in direct response to these feelings.

SLEEP WEAR|スリープウェア(パジャマ) - カーミンレッド【HIPPOPOTAMUS|ヒポポタマス】SLEEP WEAR|スリープウェア(パジャマ) - サンドベージュ【HIPPOPOTAMUS|ヒポポタマス】SLEEP WEAR|スリープウェア(パジャマ) - オリーブ【HIPPOPOTAMUS|ヒポポタマス】
about Detail【HIPPOPOTAMUS|ヒポポタマス】

Let us introduce some of the details we are very particular about.
First, the fabric. The premium organic cotton produced in a sustainable way is beaten in a production process to create a silky finish.
The mellow texture with a silky sheen will make you feel like you are already in a dream. The moderate thickness of the fabric releases excess heat and can be worn in a wide range of seasons except for the hottest days of summer.

about Design【HIPPOPOTAMUS|ヒポポタマス】

Of course, we have put extra care into the design, too. To achieve the perfect design for sleeping, we have removed parts often seen in pajamas, such as the chest pocket and tucks on the back. The result is a pajama that doesn't clump and is stress-free, even when you turn over in your sleep.
In addition, the luxurious buttons made of natural shells are a delight to the touch.
Our sleepwear will protect your skin after a nice relaxing bath time and lead you to a wonderful and restful sleep.

about Design【HIPPOPOTAMUS|ヒポポタマス】

The comfort and the relaxation of carefully selected materials.
The fashionable and light silhouette that is more than just pajamas.

Let's upgrade your sleep and your everyday life with the most luxurious sleepwear.

It will also make a perfect gift for someone special for sure.

I hope you sleep well.【HIPPOPOTAMUS|ヒポポタマス】
SLEEP WEAR|スリープウェア(パジャマ) - カーミンレッド【HIPPOPOTAMUS|ヒポポタマス】
¥34,100(tax included)
SLEEP WEAR|スリープウェア(パジャマ) - サンドベージュ【HIPPOPOTAMUS|ヒポポタマス】
¥34,100(tax included)
SLEEP WEAR|スリープウェア(パジャマ) - オリーブ【HIPPOPOTAMUS|ヒポポタマス】
¥34,100(tax included)