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Organic Cotton & Bamboo Room Sandals

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¥7,700(tax included)

  • Earth and body friendly materials
  • Care Guide
  • Certification
  • Size: M (23.5cm-26cm) / L (26cm-28.5cm)

    Hippopotamus' standard towel fabric is luxuriously used for these room sandals.

    The sandals are made of toweling fabric with high water absorbency and soft touch, which is made by cross weaving organic cotton and bamboo rayon (recycled bamboo fiber).
    The short nose strap reduces unnecessary foot movement, allowing for a stable gait even during small indoor movements.
    They can be worn barefoot from spring to summer and layered with cotton 5-toed socks in winter to take care of sweat between the toes, which is hard to dry and can easily cause coldness.
    Zo-shoes type sandals also have the advantage of stimulating the arch of the foot and creating healthy feet, as you step firmly on them with every step you take.
    Experience the comfort unique to tongue sandals, which open up your toes rather than becoming one with your feet like shoes.
  • Material:
    Outer fabric: 63% organically grown cotton + 37% recycled bamboo fiber, inner material: 100% polyurethane, bottom surface: 100% cotton
    Country of manufacture: Japan

    Safe materials for people

    Bamboo rayon and organic cotton are woven together in a half-and-half pattern on the surface to create a complex and impressive coloring and a refreshing and unique wiping experience.
    Bamboo rayon not only has the luster of silk and the feel of cashmere, but also absorbs about twice as much water and dries more quickly than cotton.

    Earth-friendly itineraries

    We use bamboo rayon, a new environmentally friendly plant-regenerated fiber, which is a natural eco-friendly material that repeats growth in a cycle of about three years.
    And we use organic cotton with no additives, and are thoroughly committed to both the environment and quality.
    For final washing, we select groundwater from Mt. Ishizuchi, the highest mountain in western Japan, which has a soft texture due to its soft water content.
    Wastewater is treated with bacteria before being returned to nature.We value not only the quality but also the production background.
  • Hand washable up to 40°C (104°F).

    Cannot be bleached.

    Cannot be tumble dried after washing.

    Drying flat in the shade is recommended.

  • STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is one of the world's best- known labels for textiles tested for more than 350 harmful substances. It stands for customer confidence and high product safety. (Certification number: N-KEN17010)
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ニックネーム: nakanaka
年齢: 50代
性別: 男性


ニックネーム: さかちゃん
年齢: 50代
性別: 女性


ニックネーム: SACCO
年齢: 30代
性別: 女性


ニックネーム: kukko
年齢: 50代
性別: 女性


ニックネーム: せなぴー
年齢: 30代
性別: 女性


  • Brook Green(ブルックグリーン:タヒチ)
  • Havana Pink(ハバナピンク:キューバ)
  • Mineral Blue(ミネラルブルー:ギリシャ)
  • 「タヒチ」「キューバ」「ギリシャ」3つの土地からインスパイアされたカラーリングは、クールさとあたたかさの相反した魅力が同居。日常から遠く離れた旅先で出会った瑞々しい色たちを施しました。
  • Pink Lagoon(ピンクラグーン)
  • Namibian Sand(ナミビアンサンド)
  • Purple Sky(パープルスカイ)
  • ファンタジックな風景が広がるエリア、ピンクラグーン、ナミブ砂漠、カナリア諸島 からインスパイアされた3色が限定カラーとして登場。幽玄な景色を連想させるカラーリングを是非お楽しみ下さい。







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