VOL. 002

Wrap yourself in fluffy comfort.
Bedding essential that will invite you
to a blissful sleep experience.


Nothing compares to the moment when you finally snuggle up in bed at the end of a long day or the daytime nap that was only supposed to be "just resting the eyes." We all love good sleep as well as the feeling of waking up well-rested. What if you could upgrade the quality even more?


Among all the great apes, that are said to be the most closely related to humans, orangutans are "sleep experts." Every day, they climb high up the trees and make a new bed for the night. Some of them even make a daybed for napping or choose branches with fruits for their bedside snacks. Imagine spending time up in the trees – it must be pleasant and relaxing.

【HIPPOPOTAMUS|ヒポポタマス】 GAUZEKET & BOX SHEETS|ガーゼケット&ボックスシーツ

As intriguing as it sounds, it may not be as easy for us humans to make our bed in a tree as orangutans do. But there are still plenty of things that help us enjoy our sleep and even improve the quality. Let’s take our Gauze Kets and Towel Kets. These cotton pile blankets are designed with the idea of giving you a blissful sleep while making your laundry time more special with colors pleasing to the eye. A pillow that provides a smooth and soft feeling on the skin might even make a night owl want to go to bed early. When sleep is more restful, your everyday life becomes more filled with energy and joy. Since we spend one-third of our lives in bed, we might as well get the most out of it.

TOWEL KET|タオルケット 【HIPPOPOTAMUS|ヒポポタマス】今治 オーガニックタオル
¥26,400(tax included)
GAUEZE KET|ガーゼケット 【HIPPOPOTAMUS|ヒポポタマス】今治 オーガニックタオル
¥22,000(tax included)