VOL. 005

Welcome to the World.
Blessings and gifts to celebrate
the birth of our little explorers.


It's a hectic world, but one thing that never changes is the feeling of love for friends and family. Let's send our blessings and gifts to welcome the babies who have arrived in this world.


Hippopotamus towels are certified as one of the world's top fabrics. Did you know that they go through washing process that lasts more than 5 hours in manufacturing? We make sure our towels are safe for babies, which is why they make great baby shower gifts, and what's more, bright color towels brighten everyone’s hearts. The swaddle blanket with a hood that you can also wrap your baby with after a bath, the gourd-shaped bib that perfectly covers and protects babies’ clothes, the belt cover that brightly and gently adds colors to your baby sling, and the handy towel with a loop that comes in “handy” anytime and anywhere – we have a variety of items for every moment. Enjoy combining each of them with your favorite colors to make a special gift.


I wonder what her smile will look like when she grows up. What toys will he enjoy playing with? What colors will they like? Imagine your baby wrapped in a towel, and choose a perfect one.