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The creative unit CLOT led by Edison Chen, a leading figure of streetwear fashion in Hong Kong, has announced its first collaboration with the organic towel brand [Hippopotamus].
This alliance features beach and bath towels of unique designs, the release is scheduled for Feb.7, 2022.
Continuing its mission in translating cultural codes of rich Chinese heritage into modern day context,
CLOT has teamed up with Japanese premium towel label,
Hippopotamus, for a set of two leisure towels,
presented in the brand’s emblematic prints&mdashSilk Royale and ALIENEGRA&mdash
and shades of red and olive green.
Dubbed Red Silk and Olive ALIENEGRA,both towels are made in Japan using organic cotton for its superb water absorbency and environment-friendly bamboo rayon for antibacterial properties.
These fibers are intricately and carefully interweaved together,
resulting in these high-quality lifestyle essentials that are incredibly light and soft.


Olive alienegra

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Premium Organic Bath Towel

Color: Olive alienegra
Price:¥14,300(in Tax)
Material:53% organic cotton 47% bamboo rayon

The ground green color is woven with organic cotton.
Black and Yellow lines are woven with bamboo rayon in order to create a three-dimensional effect.


Red silk

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Premium Organic Bath Towel

Color: Red silk
Price:¥14,300(in Tax)
Material:63% organic cotton 37% bamboo rayon

To reproduce the depth in the original design, organic cotton and bamboo rayon are carefully interweaved on the surface.



CLOT was proudly established in 2003 as a fashion label from Hong Kong with the aim of bridging the East and the West through thoughtfully-designed apparel and goods. Founded by Edison Chen and his crew, the brand takes its Chinese roots to a worldwide stage and has since partnered with the likes of Nike, visvim, fragment design, Coca-Cola, Stüssy, Medicom Toy, sacai and many more. Celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2018, CLOT has solidified its international presence through its core seasonal collections sold through international retailers and our multi-brand retailer JUICE. Expanding past just a fashion label, CLOT launched JUICE as a renowned fashion and lifestyle retailer, offering a range of curated apparel and goods. Located in major cities around the world, JUICE can be found in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Taipei, Taichung, Los Angeles and online.