VOL. 003

Comfort For You and Your Loved Ones
– A Gift to Share Your Feelings.


Sending a gift to your family and friends during this isolating time can be a new way of communication and a meaningful gesture of love and kindness. Behind every gift, there is a story. Choosing the right gift for someone imagining the smiles on their faces, or the feeling of wanting to share the joy of receiving a special gift with someone you care – sending a gift is not just about giving away, but it begins with the moment you start thinking of your loved ones.


Just like holiday, birthday, anniversary, and any other traditional celebration gifts, sending a gift regardless of the occasion and time of year is a way to let your favorite people know you are thinking of them. There is a magic to gifts that makes up the emotional distance between you and your loved ones.

【HIPPOPOTAMUS|ヒポポタマス】 GAUZEKET & BOX SHEETS|ガーゼケット&ボックスシーツ

At Hippopotamus, we have varieties of items to accompany your life, from morning to night, in different lifestyles, and in different colors for different gifts. You can pick one of our original colors that will match the person’s preference or their home décor. Choosing something they wouldn’t normally choose can be also fun. Let’s send a gift to the special someone in your heart and mind – this time, to let them know the end of the summer that is the beginning of the fall.